Thursday, September 16, 2010

Something stinks in Albany... and in your mailbox!

Say what you want about Carl Paladino (and people are saying a lot), but at least he's livening up an otherwise boring gubernatorial election in New York.

Democrat Andrew Cuomo is way out in front in almost every poll, but I don't think Paladino is too concerned.

After all, the pollsters said Tuesday's primary would be too close to call, and Paladino dispatched former Long Island Congressman Rick Lazio with relative ease.

Here's an Associated Press brief highlighting why I think Paladino will add some much-needed color to this race:

Something stinks in Albany, and in about 200,000 mailboxes around New York.

A garbage-scented campaign mailing by Carl Paladino, the Republican candidate for governor, features the photos of 7 Democrats, including six who have been investigated and two who have resigned in scandal within the last four years.

"Something STINKS in Albany," the mailer says.

Paladino spokesman Michael Caputo tells The Associated Press Thursday that the mailer is scented with a "landfill" odor.

He says the smell emanates from a material that will get worse the longer it is exposed, just like Albany.

The mailer doesn't name Cuomo, the attorney general and his Democratic opponent for governor. But Paladino has been trying to link Cuomo to the Democrats now in control of every statewide office and both chambers of the Legislature.


  1. hey chris, have you seen any reports that indicate why the polling has been so wrong reagarding tea partyers? Not just paladino, but the recent races in delaware and alaska have also been VERY incorrectly predicted by the pollsters. I wonder who the tea partyers are and why aren't they being polled?

  2. Hey Steve -- that's a very good question.

    I think a call to Steven Greenberg at the Siena Research Institute might be in order. I'll put a call in to him tomorrow morning...

    You're absolutely right -- what happened in the Paladino race? For a while, it looked like Paladino was just a thorn -- albeit a well-funded thorn -- in Lazio's side.

    Then he blows him out of the water -- strange stuff indeed.

    Like I said, I'll pose that question to Steven Greenberg and see what he has to say...