Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hoffman v. Doheny Round 1

Q2:To Hoffman
What free market programs would solve the health care issue is reform bill was reformed. Would you eliminate Medicare and Medicaid?"

Would not repeal Medicaid and Medicare. Too important.
Need more insurance competition. Need to allow for competition across state borders. Need to align individual state requirements.

MD: Rebuttal

Would not eliminate Medicaid and Medicare.
Would come come down on fraud.. Around 10 percent of Medicaid/Medicare goes to fraud.

Need to promote competition across state lines.

"Key issue, cost and keeping and retaining doctors."

Q3: To Doheny
Key to attracting businesses in the easter region of the district.

The key is proximity to Montreal. Need a border that is safe but allows the free flow of commerce.

Two fundemental things. Have to have the basic infrastructure to bring people here. Need cell phone coverage and broadband.
"Tragedy waiting to happen in places where there isn't cell phone coverage."

"I'm sure there are people sitting in a corporate office in St. Louis who'd love to be in the Adirondacks. But you need the infrastructure."

"Agree with Matt."
"Only candidate that has acutally created jobs in the 23rd district. "I know what it takes to make a business successful in the district."
"Everything Matt says is right on, but we also need to get big government off our back. Less Taxes, less regulation."

Q4: To Hoffman
How would you help farmers?

"My wife's family ran a farm for over 100 years. They got squeezed out of the business."
Chicago commodity market can be manipulated, powdered milk from China, supply and demand.
"I'm a conservative, I believe in the free market system, but I also agree in fairness."
"Farmers aren't being treated fairly."

"Unlike my opponent, have been traveling the district."
"Need transparency in fluid milk pricing milk market. Only done weekly. Need to know what the supply and demand are."
Too much regulation.. They are land rich. Need to get rid of the death tax.

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