Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hoffman v. Doheny Round 1

Q5: To Doheny
2004, two BWIs, 2005 sued for rent evasion. Why should we trust you?

I brought it to the media, wanted it to be known.
The rent thing was a civil thing. "I assure you, I can pay my rent."
Life is about the sum total of one's record. Raised to work hard.


Not going to answer that question, but will take a shot.
"You can't learn the entire district in eight months."
"I have struggled with people, I have employed people."
"We all know our kids grow up and they're gone because there aren't jobs."
Community leader;
Olympic Committee, NCCC board, etc.

: To Hoffman
What can be done to help rural hospitals survive?

Blasts health care reform bill and reminds crowd Bill Owens supported it.
"Health care bill puts rural health care in jeopardy." Costs too much.

"I've visited every hospital. My opponent can sit idly by in Lake Placid or Saranac Lake and think that's the right decision."

Blasts "Obama-care." No incentive for rural doctors. Needs to be repealed.

Q7: To Doheny
Stem cell funding?

"Pres. Bush got it right. Keep working with exisiting lines, but don't use federal dollars."

"I am the only pro-life candidate for the 23rd district."
"Will fight anything that ends life and stem cell research does that."

Q8: To Hoffman
Why the campaign contribution drop off compared to last year? Why loan yourself money?

Had dozens of national conservative endorsements.
"We loaned $100,000 last year and this year."
I"m Main Street."
"I don't have friends on Wall Street who can give the max amount and expect favors from Washington."

"Doug, you got to stop criticizing people for being successful."
"I'm proud of you for being successful."
Why are people giving me money?," "Because I went out and worked. Went town to town, door to door and gained their support."
"They realize I'm the only candidate that can send Bill Owens back to practice law."

Q9: To Doheny
Same-sex marriage?

State issue.
"Dead set against gay marriage."
"This has been baked into our judeo-christian values and should stay that way."
"Should be dealt with by legislatures, not courts."

"Marriage should be between a man and a woman."

Back to last question....

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