Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hoffman v. Doheny Round 1

Q10: To Hoffman
Should unions take concessions? Congress take pay raises?

Private business can't compete. Unions destroyed Chrysler and Gen Motors.

Need to cut Congress's pay in half.
Term limits.
End Cadillac pension plans.
"I'm the only one who has signed a no ear mark, pork pledge."
"Create a whole different congress."

Q11: To MD
Say don't like ear marks. But also say would support funding of core issues. Define?

"I will have a voice during appropriation process. ear marks a the 11th hour are wrong and corrupts Congress."

My opponent has distorted my position.

I wouldn't
ADE quoted my opponent as saying he would take ear marks while everyone else does.

: To Doheny
Support of Bush tax cuts. How do your own taxes play in?

"Higher taxes right now, absolute worst thing."
"Has nothing to do with my own taxes."
Not only support Bush tax cuts, push for more.
Obama, et al, want to tax and sure the job creators.

"Exactly Matt."
"If tax cuts aren't extended, will collect $1 trillion more from Americans."
"Democrats just don't get it."
"If Bush tax cuts go away, we will kill the businesses in the North Country."

Q13: To Hoffman
Leaving Iraq the right thing? Time table for Afghanistan?

Still have 50,000 troops in Iraq. If gets worse, have to go back. Right now, looks good. Hopes to God it stays that way.
Need to stay in Afghanistan. Get job done.

Agree with Doug. Need to get job done.

Back to other issue.
I signed this no pork pledge.
Doug is lining his pockets with his campaign donations.

Q14: To Doheny
How would you rework social security?

SS needs to remain solvent. Right now, going to go bankrupt.
Must maintain the benefits for eveyone drawing now. But also stay solvent for future.

agree with Matt.

Back to last comments...
"You know damn well FEC requires this reporting."
Fast and loose with facts."
"People in glass boat houses shouldn't throw stones," "The way you treated those officers was unacceptable."

Q15: To Hoffman
One reason you would vote for your opponent?

"If I died."
"Matt's a great guy."
"But can't learn the district in just seven months."
"I'm the only conservative in this race."

"My answer, clearly much kinder than Mr. Hoffman's."
"Just like myself, he is an example of the American Dream."
"Why I lectured you before, don't be a class warfare person."
"I'm from the North Country for God sakes."
grew up here. "Doug can blow off what I've done over the last nine months. But will pay dividends."

Q16: To Doheny
Is the tea party good for America and this district.

Brought masses out of the doldrums.
"We hit rock bottom when Obama was sworn in."
"You guys will support whoever the GOP winnder is."

"The silent majority of America is waking up. We're fed up and going to fight back."
Out of control spending, taxes.
"We are America."

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  1. Glass Boat Houses? That is the funniest thing I have ever heard. I think Doug has a point and he just won the debate with that line. Doheny should have never gone negative. His attack was a sure sign of desperation and it proves he can't go toe to toe against Owens on the issues.