Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hoffman v. Doheny Round 1

Q17: To Hoffman
Why not debate in Western portion of district? What are you afraid of?

Nothing. We are hear debating and another one next week.

Doug, didn't answer the question. "Yield my minute?"
"I will debate anytime, no scheduling conflict."
"I'll be in SL next week. Hopefully it's not in your back yard."
Big district. But only debate in one region. "Flat out outlandish."
"not fair to those people."

Q18: To Hoffman
How to retain young professionals?

have to boost economy.

Need infrastructure and right policies.
Have great universities. "Greatest resources, human beings."

Q19: To Hoffman
Will you stay in if lose the primary?

"I will win the primary." Way ahead, going to fight like I'm losing.
Doheny didn't get the Conservative line.
"People say I'm the spoiler, but it's known that once on the Conservative line, can't get off it."
"Matt's the spoiler, not me."

I supported the nominee last time. I lived up to my word.
Was the first called about the Conservative line last year. Turned it down.

Q20: To Hoffman
The poll you cite was done by your campaign. If you do not win the primary and remain on a third line, how do you justify pulling votes from the GOP and hand it to Bill Owens?

"My objective is to get Bill Owens out of office."
"The people have rallied around me."
"These are the same people doing my polls last year. They were right on last year and no reason not to think they are right on this year."
"I have been meeting with the people, not the party bosses. That's why I'm 32 percent ahead."

The only poll that matters is the voters. "Everything else is irrelevent, if not garbage."
I'm on a third party line too. Don't see me sitting here saying I won't support the GOP line.
He got the Conservative line from one single person who lives in Brooklyn.
"He is backed by the the true party boss."

Q21: To Doheny
How can we sure up the northern border?

"Drug trade has to be stopped."
"Need the resources. Trust the judgement of the professionals."
"But at the same time, the border provides commerce and economic opportunity. Can't kill the golden goose trying to protect ourselves."

"My son is a decorated trooper out of Tupper Lake."
"But Matt is also right. We can't hinder trade and movement of goods."
People being detained, citizens and residents.

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