Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Hoffman v. Doheny Round 1

Mark Barie -- UNYTEA Chairman and event sponsor, "no applause please during the question and answer period.

And here come the two foes who are jockying for the GOP line.

Hoffman won the coin flip.

Hoffman opening statement:
Mic doesn't work..... holding pattern (7:09)

"Like most of you I'm fed up. Was fed up last year and we fought a great fight...."
"We know what the taxes and spending are going to do to us."
"We all have to fight back."
"I know what is going on in the North Country. I work everyday in solving problems in this district and, as Congressman, will solve them in Washington."

Doheny's opening statement:

"We need to send Bill Owens back into private practice."
"We are over-taxed and over regulated."
"Reality is that moms and dads don't believe their children will live their own American Dream."

"I'm the only conservative Republican on this stage that can actually win on November 2nd. I'm the only one who has been working his tail off and driving over 65,000 miles in my truck." he said. "My opponent tried last year and failed."
"Send a strong message to Nancy Pelosi and Barack Obama."

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