Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Schneiderman wants to debate Donovan

State Senator Eric Schneiderman, fresh off his Democratic primary victory for attorney general last night, is already calling for a debate against his opponent, Republican State Island District Attorney Dan Donovan.

Schneiderman wants the debate to focus on cracking down on Wall Street crimes.

This from the Associated Press:

Suggesting that Donovan has proposed relaxing the attorney general's oversight of financial markets, Schneiderman tells The Associated Press he will protect homeowners and consumers "from bad actors" on Wall Street.

He sent a letter to Donovan Wednesday asking for the debate.

Donovan spokeswoman Virginia Lam says they haven't received the letter yet. In campaign statements, Donovan says Wall Street is an important economic generator, and it's important to promote fair markets but not bring cases "simply to get headlines."

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