Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Ziegler bests Stec in Warren in race to challenge Murphy

Just got off of the phone with Burnt Hills business man and Tea Partier Pat Ziegler, who last night bested Queensbury Supervisor Dan Stec and secured the Warren County GOP Committee endorsement.

Sources close to the story told WNBZ, Ziegler recieved six more votes than Stec, even though Warren County is Stec's home.

Ziegler told me he is a passionate follower of all things political, but he expects the federal healthcare legislation to drive the upcoming election.

“What we really need is more competition instead of less. We need a clear set of laws and guidelines so insurance companies have strict set of guidelines they must follow,” Ziegler said. “But we also need to take out some of the more inane regulations that are preventing co-ops, that are preventing groups from coming together as group so they can drive down cost.”

GOP officials from Essex and Washington counties were also in attendance at the meeting, but aren't expected to vote for another couple weeks.

Hear the story tomorrow morning on WNBZ and Rock 105.

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