Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Doug Hoffman declares candidacy

Okay, so this isn't exactly earth-shattering news, but Lake Placid accountant Doug Hoffman has officially declared his intent to challenge Congressman Bill Owens in next fall's election.

Read the quick Associated Press brief here.

Hoffman and Owens squared-off last fall in a special election to replace Army Secretary John McHugh. Gouverneur Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava also ran in the race, but dropped out just days before the election.

Mr. Hoffman made the announcement on his website. He cites the overwhelming support he's received from constituents since the race last fall -- and, perhaps most importantly, he cites the support he's receiving from Republicans.

Hoffman ran as a Conservative in 2009. This time, he's hoping to garner the GOP nomination. My assistant news director, Jon Alexander, penned this piece in February about the early posturing for the GOP nod. Hoffman came under fire from other Republicans for predicting that he'd gain the nomination ahead of the September primary.

Personally, I fail to see the controversy. What would you have Hoffman say? That he won't gain Republican support? It's like a football player predicting his team will lose before the game.

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