Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Senate Finance Committee appointment hearings backlogged months

If recent history is any indication, the pending appointment of Peter Hornbeck to the Adirondack Park Agency Board of Commissioners could take some time.

On Tuesday, the state Senate Finance Committee approved 24 gubernatorial nominations of would-be agency commissioners plucked to serve on state boards ranging from the Buffalo and Fort Erie Bridge Commission to the Empire State Plaza Art Commission.

Many of these appointments have been waiting for Senate approval for months, if not longer.

For example, Governor David Paterson appointed John Hilscher to the Citizen’s Policy and Complaint Review Council last July. Hilscher’s appointment was finally approved by the Finance Committee Tuesday.

Sources close to the story told WNBZ, it could be months before the Hornbeck appointment reaches finance, where it must pass before reaching the floor for full legislative approval.

Last week, Senate Environmental Conservation Committee Chairman Antoine Thompson said he was under pressure from the Governor’s Office to expedite Hornbeck’s appointment.

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