Thursday, March 18, 2010

Murphy's office swamped with phone calls

Scott Murphy is an awfully popular guy this week. Whether or not he welcomes the popularity -- I can't say for sure.

The Democrat, who represents New York's 20th Congressional District, is being targeted by lobbyists, special interests, fellow Representatives and President Barack Obama as a vote on sweeping health care reform looms.

Jon Alexander penned this piece yesterday. Murphy originally voted against the Congressional health care bill.

On Wednesday, Murphy's office was swamped with so many phone calls, his staff put out this statement:

"Because of our recent high call volume if you call Congressman Murphy’s offices, they may occasionally continue to ring or be busy. We are responding to all of the calls as quickly as possible. Congressman Murphy wants to hear your comments and concerns and encourages you to reach out to him through phone calls and emails.

Congressman Murphy prides himself on the openness and ease of contact with constituents and appreciates people’s understanding during this time."

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