Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Murphy not tipping hand on health care bill

Upstate Congressman Scott Murphy isn’t tipping his hand in regards to his stance on the latest version of a health care reform bill.

Congressional Democrats are dismissing claims that President Barack Obama and supporters of sweeping health care reform are pressuring 39 representatives who have reservations about the bill in its current form.

New York Democrat Eric Massa resigned recently amid allegations he sexually harassed a male aide. He’s since told news outlets he was pressured to quit because of his opposition to health care reform.

WNBZ contacted Murphy, who represents New York’s 20th Congressional District. He joined a coalition of Democrats last year to vote against the bill, citing tax hikes for certain companies in his district and noting the bill fell short of meaningful change.

Murphy declined to comment on Massa’s situation, but did say his goals for health care remain the same.

“We need to fundamentally change the system to bring costs down for our families and small businesses, hold insurance companies accountable and increase access to quality health care,” he said.

Murphy said he wouldn’t comment on legislation until the latest bill is presented to him.

“When we have a bill to vote on, I will determine whether it goes far enough to fix the incentives in our health care system and if it’s going to help the people of the 20th District,” he said.

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