Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Police Chief: No right-hand lane on Bloomingdale Avenue

If you’re driving along Bloomingdale Avenue, make sure to stay out of the right-hand bike lane.

In an effort to clear up confusion surrounding the intersection of Bloomingdale Avenue and Church Street, WNBZ reached out to Saranac Lake Village Police Chief Bruce Nason Tuesday afternoon.

Nason says motorists who believe there are two lanes are simply wrong.

“Where the white line is – that’s a bike lane,” he told WNBZ.

In recent months, many callers on Talk of the Town have questioned if traffic driving straight should be pulling to the right at the light. Some argue that because there are two lights, there should be two lanes.

“That’s just not true,” Nason said. “There are many intersection with multiple traffic lights and just one lane.”

He notes that it’s the same case at the intersection of Ampersand Avenue and Broadway.

“The DOT installs a couple of lights quite often for visibility reasons,” Nason said. “People might try to argue that point with you, but they’re wrong.”

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