Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Gay Republicans back Sayward, Duprey

Here's a piece penned by my colleague Jon Alexander:

Republican Assemblywomen Teresa Sayward and Janet Duprey received the endorsement last week of the state Log Cabin Republicans – a GOP political action committee focused on equal rights for homosexuals.

Sayward and Duprey are two of only three Republican state lawmakers currently seeking reelection to receive the organization’s backing, according to its state Chairman Greg Angelo.

“They just don’t talk about equal rights, they have gone on record and voted in favor of marriage equality time and again,” Angelo said. “It is with great pride that we endorse them for reelection this fall.”

Assemblyman Joel Miller of Poughkeepsie also received Log Cabin support.

Earlier this year, Sayward and Duprey voted in favor of legislation that would have legalized gay marriage in New York. It easily passed in the Assembly, but died on the Senate floor.

“We must protect and promote the civil rights of all Americans and the Log Cabin Republicans work tirelessly to make sure that the LGBT community’s rights are protected,” Sayward said. “I am proud to once again have their endorsement.”

Opponents of the measure argue it is an affront to the tradition of marriage. Senator Betty Little has said she would support a civil union system, but will not back outright gay marriage.

But like Sayward, Duprey said gay marriage is an issue of equal protection and smaller, non-invasive government.

“I will continue to support our shared Republican values of lower taxes, less government, a strong, free market economy and equal rights for everyone,” Duprey said. “We must work harder than ever to help New York become a place that is friendly to small business, encouraging of job creation, affordable to live and fully inclusive of everyone.”

Support for social issues like gay marriage are risky for members of the increasingly-fractured Republican Party. Last year, Assemblywoman Dede Scozzafava was drummed out of her congressional bid because her right-wing opponent, Doug Hoffman, effectively cast her as a liberal in elephant’s clothing.

Angelo called Duprey, Sayward and Miller the strongest allies of the Log Cabin cause in the state.

The Log Cabin PAC is the nation’s largest Republican gay and lesbian political organization.

Texas Republicans Congressman Pete Sessions and Senator John Cornyn are the keynote speakers at the organization’s national chapter dinner in September.

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  1. I am a life-long Democrat and have voted for Teresa Sayward many times because she is a fair, smart and compassionate legislator. AND because she supports gay rights. If I could vote for Janet Duprey and Dede Scozzafava, I would, for the same reasons I support Teresa.