Thursday, August 26, 2010

Longtime Democratic strategist backing Gibson

Here's a release from Chris Gibson's Congressional campaign.

Gibson -- a Republican -- is challenging incumbent Democrat Scott Murphy's reelection bid:

Kinderhook, NY – The Chris Gibson for Congress campaign announced the formation of Democrats for Gibson, a district-wide organization of members of the Democratic Party who support Chris Gibson as the next Congressman of New York’s 20th Congressional District.

“We are proud that people from all political persuasions are supporting our campaign,” said Chris Gibson. “We have reached out to those looking for a better way forward regardless of party affiliation and welcome the support of Democrats, Independents, Conservatives, Republicans, Tea Party and other new voters. Growing up here and in a union household, most of my family were Democrats. I am glad to have the support of this distinguished group of long time Democrats who believe that the way forward must include reducing spending, borrowing and taxing. Our children do not deserve to inherit the unsustainable debt that we have amassed and I will reach across party lines and work with everyone to change course.”

Bartle Bull, a long-time active New York State Democrat, is serving as chairman of Democrats for Gibson. Paul Raihofer, former Deputy Mayor and current Village Trustee of Valatie, and Arthur Shiff, a leading Democrat in Germantown, are serving as co-chairs in Columbia County. Additional co-chairs in various towns and counties in the District will be announced shortly.

Bartle Bull, a writer, lawyer and former publisher of the Village Voice, who lives in Amenia, New York, was Robert Kennedy’s New York State campaign manager in 1968 and was chairman of Citizens for Hugh Carry and Mario Cuomo in their campaigns for Governor of New York. He was also, Jimmy Carter’s New York State campaign coordinator in 1976 and was chairman of New Yorkers for Edward Kennedy for President in 1980. He served as a Civil Rights lawyer in Mississippi in the 1960’s and in 2003 received a Civil Rights medal from the late Senator Edward Kennedy.

“The problems facing our District and our Country oblige us to rise above partisanship and elect the best available men and women,” said Bull. “Chris Gibson is a proven leader who exemplifies the qualities of intelligence, integrity and experience that our District and our County need today.”

Gibson is giving Murphy a real run for his money, even though he's raised and spent only a fraction as much as the incumbent has. The New York Times has officially declared the race for NY's 20th a "toss up."

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