Monday, April 5, 2010

Video of U.S. Military killing journalists in Iraq in 2007

After numerous unsuccessful press inquiries and Freedom of Information requests, has gotten its hands on a U.S. military video that shows an Army helicopter engaging and killing over a dozen people in Iraq, including 2 Reuters photographers, in 2007.

Before engaging, the Army helicopter crew misidentifies the photographers' cameras as weapons.

Internal U.S. Army investigations have found no wrongdoing by any military personnel involved in the attack.

Some of the Iraqis killed alongside the journalists can be clearly seen carrying weapons, but no aggressive posturing is visible in the footage. A van that arrives and attempts to remove the injured is also engaged by the Army Apache crew. Two children were wounded in the attack on the van.

When the children are discovered, the Apache gunner says, "It's their fault for bringing their kids into battle."

Immediately after the incident, U.S. military brass said American ground forces were engaging insurgents at the scene. Reuters is using the footage as evidence that this is not the case.

Reuters is calling for another investigation of the events surrounding the attack.

Wikileaks got its hands on the video through an anonymous source.

This 18 minute video is graphic in nature and includes strong language. It may not be appropriate for all viewers.

FYI, the Apache engages the crowd with a 30 millimeter cannon. For reference purposes, the average deer rifle is 7.62 mm.

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