Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Politics and pancakes

Republican Rick Lazio stopped in Saranac Lake Thursday morning to meet with constituents and discuss the upcoming gubernatorial elections.

The former Long Island Congressman munched on pancakes at the Blue Moon Café while addressing the problems he says are forcing New Yorkers to leave the state they love.

"People say they’re embarrassed to be from New York – I’m not embarrassed to say I’m from New York," Lazio said. "I’m proud to be a New Yorker; I love this state. This state has got great people, it’s got the hardest working people in America, it really does. I often say this: I think we’ve got the most entrepreneurial, hardest working, most dedicated, the greatest, most candid and toughest people in America, and the worst state government in the country."

Lazio’s platform focuses on addressing what he views as the state’s two biggest problems – its economic situation and corruption in Albany.

According to Lazio, New York is hemorrhaging jobs and leads the country when it comes to residents moving out-of-state. And, he adds, increasing taxes make the problem worse, not better.

"We’ve lost more New Yorkers than any other state in America," Lazio said. "We lose about another Syracuse every single year. People are voting – they vote with their feet. They just pack it up and get out of here, and that destroys our tax base. And the New York City folks that run state government, you know what they do? When the tax base leaves, they say we need that tax money, let’s raise taxes to make up for it. So they raise rates, which sends more people toward the exit."

We'll have more on Lazio's Saranac Lake visit during tomorrow's news.


  1. But, How hard is Mr. Lazio going to be this time re:"hard money?" Will his position remain
    "Real Hard?"

  2. "hard money?" oops - should have been "soft money" I knew he was "hard on" something....