Tuesday, April 27, 2010

CSEA President calls Paterson's furlough plan 'nuts'

So Governor David Paterson released his furlough plan for state employees today.

Here are some of the details:

"Under the Governor's proposal, state agency commissioners will be given the discretion to schedule their employees' one furlough day per week, beginning the week of May 10. Employees will not come to work on their furlough day and will not be paid for their furlough day. Employees would not be allowed to charge their accruals to offset this salary reduction and agencies would not be able to use overtime to make up for loss of productivity."

But the priceless part was CSEA President Danny Donohue's reaction. In fact, he issued a press release containing just one word:


That was it. Read the release here.

Public Employees Federation President Kenneth Brynien went into a little more detail:

"If the governor does furlough state employees, PEF will hold the state accountable. The governor, himself, has said breaking our contract is illegal. We will take every action necessary to stop the governor's proposal."


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  1. Furlough the high paid people making $100,000 or more. Don't pick on the little guy making under $50,000. The cost savings is more with the higher paid. It's always the person scratching thier way to make a living supporting the state who misappriopriated funds.