Wednesday, June 23, 2010

The earth is a movin'

The North Country experienced an earthquake at approximately 1:40 p.m. today.

We here at WNBZ don't have official confirmation from anyone at the USGS as of yet, but we feel pretty confident that an earthquake happened.

We've heard from folks in Champlain, Plattsburgh, Keene Valley, Saranac Lake, Lake Placid, Vermontville and everywhere in between. All reported the same thing:

The earth was shaking.

The last recorded earthquake in the northern New York area was May 18 – that registered as a 2.8 on the Richter Scale. Its epicenter was in Cornwall, Ontario.

A Saranac Lake resident from Grove Street who asked not to be named said she noticed the quake when her bed began vibrating against the floor – she looked outside and noticed electrical wires shaking, too.

“I could feel the tremors,” she said.

Tammy Sullivan in Vermontville said her whole living room began shaking, as did the glass windows on one of her cabinets.

“It was shaking pretty good out here,” she said.

Zach Nason in Saranac Lake was sitting at his desk when the quake happened.

“The whole house was shaking,” he said. “I talked to my brother in Plattsburgh – he said it was even worse over there.”

We'll keep you posted.

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