Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Owens seeking input from business community

In his continuing push to spur job creation in upstate New York, Congressman Bill Owens has launched an effort to get feedback from businesses across the North Country.

Owens, who represents New York’s 23rd Congressional District, sent questionnaires to business leaders in hopes of receiving feedback on what Congress can do to – quote – “more effectively create jobs for thousands of area New Yorkers looking for work.”

In a release issued Monday, Owens said job creation is the key to long-term economic recovery.

“That’s why it is important to reach out to our local business leaders and hear from those who know how best to get our communities economically active again,” he said.

The questionnaire was mailed out last week to businesses and community leaders. It’s also available on the Congressman’s website.

The survey questions entrepreneurs about open-ended ideas for job creation and on specific hiring incentives.

Last week Owens introduced a bill aimed at allowing business owners to claim an additional $100,000 in equipment purchase deductions for every job created. He’s also introduced the Rural Jobs Tax Credit Act, a bill that would establish a 15 percent tax credit for businesses hiring in communities with populations less than 50,000.

Owens is also supporting legislation aimed at increasing the exemption for the federal estate tax.

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