Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Candidates comment on Siena Poll

Okay, I just got comment from Congressman Bill Owens and his GOP challenger Matt Doheny regarding the Siena poll. For once, both men agree; polls aren't worth looking at.

Here they are.

“The campaign strategy remains the same – we’re out talking to people. Most importantly, we’re listening to them. They talk to me about jobs, the debt and deficit and milk prices,” he said. “Those are the themes that are there all of the time and they aren’t changing. It hasn’t changed since I started running last August. That’s what I’m focusing on.”

He continued,

“I voted against raising the debt ceiling twice. I have submitted my own bill – the war on debt – trying to get people focused on how we’re going to pay-down the debt,” he said. “I’ve been offering solutions to the problems. That’s what I think my role is. It’s to come up with solutions and put them on the table to discuss.”

And Doheny:
“Three days before the Republican primary they had Lazio and Paladino in a dead heat. Paladino won by 25 points in that race,” he said. “We understand where the polling is going and we feel very good that when people think about voting for Bill Owens and realize it’s a vote for Nancy Pelosi, we will be quite happy with the results.”

Take that statistics nerds. So much for your complicated reduction algorithms and z scores... Score one for the anti-bell curve crowd...... Snap!

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